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Frequently Asked Questions 

Read our frequently asked questions about concrete sectional garages to find out more about our services. We offer prefab outdoor buildings throughout Swansea, Carmarthen and Neath.

Concrete Sectional Garages

The majority of sectional garages do not require planning permission. However, you will need permission for any garage covering over half of your garden, which is not for domestic use or is over three metres high with a pent roof or four metres high with an apex roof.

All garages should have a substantial base. It needs to be flat and level, so the garage is stable. It should be square and solid. The garage base needs to be higher than the ground surrounding it; this will allow for hinged doors to open correctly and adequate drainage. The preferred material for a garage base is concrete.  

Yes, if you have a limited budget for your garage project, a prefab garage is a great idea. The main reason why a prefab garage is cheaper than having a concrete sectional garage is that you don't have to pay an architect, construction team to put it together. To erect a prefab garage, all you need is a couple of handy mates to help you.  

Yes, concrete garages are durable and robust, will last for many years; a concrete garage is considerably cheaper than a brick built garage. They are erected a lot quicker, and concrete is fire retardant.

Concrete garages have many benefits. See below: 

They are cheaper than a brick built garage.
They take less time to erect than building a brick garage.
They are solid and durable.
A concrete garage is fire resistant.
You don't need to hire an expensive architect.  

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Yes, due to the components that make up concrete makes it resistant to fire. Most brick built garages have a wooden roof, which will burn if there is a fire. Concrete garages have aluminium or super-strong galvanised roofing supports, which are essentially fire resistant.

Concrete Garage Repair and Maintenance

Yes, you can repair your concrete garage. It is best to seek a professional to inspect your garage to determine how bad the damage is and the best way to fix it. Abertawe Sectional Buildings Ltd will give you all the advice and information you require.

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1. Sweep it Clean: sweep it regularly and remove any dust and debris.

2. Scrub Rust Stains: Remove any rust stains using a specialist rust stain remover.

3. Remove Oil Stains: Oil spills can cause people to slip. They should be cleaned as soon as possible, clean up as much of the excess as you can and then use a concentrated concrete degreaser to remove the residue. 

4. Fill in the Cracks: Firstly, remove any loose edges and debris within the crack and then fill the gap using an epoxy paste when the damage has been filled smooth over the surface once it has dried lightly sand to make the repair smooth.

5. Apply a Concrete Sealer: Once your garage floor has been swept and cleaned, you can protect the floor using a concrete sealer. Most DIY stores will stock concrete sealant to suit most budgets. Once it has been applied, the sealant will keep your concrete floor durable and ultimately increase the longevity of your concrete garage floor.

Sectional Concrete Fencing

A precast concrete fence is made from a particular type of concrete known as precast concrete. It's an extraordinarily versatile and durable construction product used in various commercial and residential projects.

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If the precast concrete fence panel is reinforced, they are at least 125mm in thickness. If the concrete panel is a vertical project bar from the footing, it will have a thickness of 150mm. If one or two layers of concrete mass are used, they can go up to 175mm.

A precast concrete fence is less expensive than a standard masonry or concrete wall. In many cases, it is less costly than a suitable quality vinyl or well-made wood fence.

Concrete fence panels don't require any maintenance.

They are solid and a stable long-life fence.

They are cheaper to install than a brick wall.

Concrete fence panels give privacy. You cannot see through a concrete panel.

Concrete fence panels are available in many different designs, colours and textures, making them perfect for matching different garden styles.

Yes, Precast concrete has an exceptional sustainable composition, giving it some natural advantages. Because it is set off-site through a mould, it reduces excess waste during construction, site disturbance, and noise that might otherwise occur from the on-site setting of the concrete.

Demolition and Disposal Services

Commercial and industrial site demolition is the complete or partial removal process of unwanted structures such as office buildings, shopping centres, hotels and other commercial properties.

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Residential demolition is the removal of a residential structure. These can also include outbuildings, barns, garages, pergolas and gazebos. In some cases, it can be the demolition of a complete street or housing estate, where the properties are no longer required, but the land can be used to build more sustainable homes.

During the demolition process, buildings are dismantled using specialist machinery. There are many hazards involved in the demolition process, and it can be dangerous.

Hard Landscaping

There are many projects included in hard landscaping services:

  • Concrete sectional garages
  • Block paving and driveways

  • Creating garden paths

  • Garden wall construction

  • Sectional Concrete Fencing

  • Creating water features and fountains

  • Building raised beds

  • Garden retaining walls

  • Building patios or steps

  • Garden fencing

  • Laying concrete or block paving

  • Dry stone walling

  • Decking

  • Drainage

  • Garden pergola build

  • Installing outdoor lighting

  • Garden seating or outdoor dining areas

If you are looking for hard landscaping services in Swansea, Carmarthen or Neath, contact our team today.

A hard landscaper will deal with the hard things you have in your garden, like gravel, stone, concrete and bricks.

Hard landscaping consists of the hard things you will have in your garden, like gravel, stone, concrete, bricks, etc. Soft landscaping is your garden's living or soft element, soil, trees, grass, shrubs, flowers and anything that grows in general.

Garage Re-roofing

Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber or EPDM is a long-lasting and highly durable alternative to bitumen or felt roofing. EPDM is easy to install and is one of the best materials for a garage roof.

Depending on the quality and the flat roof being adequately maintained, they can last up to fifty years.

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Asbestos Removal

The removal of asbestos must be carried out by a trained professional. If you think you have asbestos at your property, you must not touch it. You should isolate the area until a specialist can remove it safely for you.

Unless you know what asbestos looks like, it can be challenging to identify. If you are in doubt, you should ring a professional asbestos removal company.

Not all work with asbestos materials requires a licence. However, any work or project with sprayed asbestos coatings, asbestos lagging or insulation, and most work with an asbestos insulating board (AIB) requires a licence because of the hazardous nature of these higher-risk materials.

You should contact a hazardous waste removal Licensed Contractor to remove any asbestos. They will have specialist equipment to remove it safely.

If you require safe  asbestos removal  in Swansea, Carmarthen and Neath ask our specialist today.