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What Are The Options For Sectional Garages

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  • 11-11-2021
What Are The Options For Sectional Garages

What are the options for sectional garages? If you are planning to build an outdoor building on your property, there are many options available. We look at the range of options for your sectional building.

Lidget Compton Customisation Options

Lidget Compton offers a multitude of customisation options for their prefab garages, double garages, and concrete sectional garages.

As part of their service, they will manufacture the customer's garage, handle the delivery, and install the prefabricated garage all within weeks. The garages come with a 10-year guarantee. 

Sectional Brick & Stone Wall Finishes

Lidget Compton is the only UK company to offer a sectional brick and stone wall finish. The textured finish is available in 4 colours, and the resin-based materials used are specially chosen to ensure the concrete sectional garage is stable and has a long lifespan.

The included textured PVCu cladding boards (double feather edged) have an appealing "timber-effect" finish, so you can enjoy a high-quality, timber-like garage without any of the downsides of timber like warping, splitting or rotting.

If you are considering purchasing a sectional brick or stone wall finish, make sure the installation team will have access to at least 750mm of working space between any fencing or walls and the new garage.

Garage Doors

Garage doors are often overlooked, even though they represent a large portion of your property's overall appearance and protect your vehicles.

The standard building that Lidget Compton offers uses a Hörmann door. The doors are pre-framed, white powder coated and are made with Galvanised steel. The doors utilise a four-point locking mechanism for added security.

Lidget Compton supplies the following garage door types:

Hörmann Horizontal

Hörmann Vertical

Hörmann Vertical Brown

Hörmann Golden Oak

Hörmann Marquess

Hörmann Georgian

Roller Shutters

Sectional Doors

What Are The Options For Sectional Garages?

Cladding For Garages

Lidget Compton offers Garaclad PVCu cladding boards for their range of concrete garages. If you're looking for a concrete building with impressive rigidity and strength, but you also want that beautiful timber look, this cladding would be perfect for you.

Garaclad is durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to worry about the same problems as if you were to go with timber, such as rotting and warping.

Additionally, Garaclad is low maintenance, all that's required to keep its gorgeous appearance is an occasional wipe down with soapy warm water. The cladding boards are available in six attractive colours: Enviro Green, Cream, Light Grey, Light Blue, Sand, and White.

As the colours are varied, it should be easy to choose one that will blend in with the overall look of your property.


There are six basic shapes available for Lidget Compton roofing, most of which have colour options. 

Pent Roof

The pent roofs feature roof sheets made of galvanised steel, which are coated using Grafo-Therm, a treatment to prevent condensation. 

Pent Mansard Roof

The Mansard range features an attractive tile effect on the front elevation. 

Apex Roof

 A traditionally shaped roof featuring a 12.5° pitch.

Apex 15 Roof

This roof is exactly the same to a regular Apex but with a 15° pitch.

Apex 20 Roof

This is just like the other Apex roof's except this roof features a pitch that is 20° and has a similar tile effect as a Pet Mansard.

Apex 90 Roof

Just like the other Apex roof's but this one is a non-typical transverse roof, turned through 90°.



There are three materials available at two different widths, so choosing a garage door isn't overly complicated. 

Timber Doors

There are three materials available at two different widths, so choosing a garage door isn't overly complicated. 

Steel Doors

Manufactured by Garage Door Systems, the doors come with a variety of features that are typically only available as optional extras or on expensive premium doors, making them great value for money.

PVCu Doors

You can choose either Fully panelled, Half glazed, or Fully gazed for your PVCu door, making it a flexible budget option.

Brick Front Posts

Genuine brick posts are an upgrade from regular spar posts as they significantly improve the look of your garage.

Lidget Compton provides the following five colours options for their brick front posts: Reclaimed, Warwick Red, Southern Stock, Anthracite and Autumn Red.

The colours are specifically designed to blend in well with most homes, so you won't have to worry about your new building looking like an "add-on" to your house.

Fascias & Cladding

Lidget offers several maintenance-free options for garage facias, soffits and cladding. Some examples of the colours are Decograin Golden Oak, Decograin Rosewood, White and Anthracite.



Whilst windows are not necessary for a garage, they are useful for letting in sunlight. Without a window or adequate lighting installed, your garage will be too dark to work in when the door is closed. One of the main reasons for choosing a window over artificial lighting is that natural light provides numerous health benefits.

You can prevent people from seeing through your window by using blinds or curtains. Alternatively, you can use translucent film to allow light in without making the glass clear enough for anyone to see inside.

You can choose either 2ft fixed, 4ft fixed, or 4ft opening timber windows, all of which are single glazed.

If you need a more durable window, you can choose a PVCu double glazed window, which comes in many colours, such as Rosewood and Golden Oak.

PVCu windows are maintenance-free and are available in fixed or opening styles. 


Full Height PVCU Frames

On any of Lidget's buildings, you can choose from a vast range of full-height PVCu units. Their Garden Room range features two full height glazed units and a double French door as standard. The size depends on the chosen models width. 

Optional Extras

If you are looking to improve your concrete garage, there are several optional extras available.

Remote Control Garage Door Opener

Remote door openers can save you a lot of time if you're driving in and out of your garage daily. On dark rainy days, they can save you from having to get out of the car and getting wet or even slipping. 

Garage PVCU Gutters

If you are concerned about any water getting into your garage through gaps beneath the panels, you may want PVCu gutters installed. They are available in Black, Brown, or white.  

Partition Wall

Partitions allow you to add an extra room at the end of your garage. The additional room is often used for concrete sheds, hobby rooms, workshops, garden rooms, office space and much more. 


By adding a Throughway, you can have easy access to behind your property. 

Translucent Roof Sheet

 If you're looking to introduce some natural lighting into your garage, a translucent roof sheet (available as part of the apex range) can provide you with exactly what you need.

If you're looking for sectional garages around the Swansea area, then you've come to the right place. We provide a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, and we have years of experience in the industry.