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What Type Of Sectional Garages Are Available

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  • 16-08-2021
What Type Of Sectional Garages Are Available

If you are considering a new garage installation you may be asking: What Types Of Sectional Garages Are Available? We look at the range of sectional buildings that we can provide.

What Buildings Are Available From Lidget Compton?

Lidget Compton has been supplying high-quality concrete sectional garages and sheds in the UK since 1990. 

All 13 buildings that their industry-leading service offers come with a 10-year guarantee, which should relieve customers of any structural uncertainties they might have. 

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Apex Roof Concrete Garages

Apex prefabricated garages feature 12.5° pitched roofs that blend well with a majority of housing styles. The concrete roofs incorporate a thick concrete panel, a strong roof sheet made of fibre cement and Spar front posts. This roof type is known for its traditional-looking yet unique design.

As for customisability, there are four roof colours available, specifically designed to blend in with the rest of the property. If you're looking to let in natural daylight, you can choose to have a translucent roof sheet installed. Supply lining clip packs are also available, which will allow you to fix an electrical fittings board.

Sectional Concrete Sheds & Workshops

Concrete Sheds and workshops can serve a variety of useful purposes such as:

Sectional Concrete Sheds & Workshops

- Working Area

- Toy/Equipment Storage

- Hobby Room

- Playroom For Kids

- Utility Room

- Small Vehicle Storage

You can combine your shed or workshop with your garage using a partition, adding to its flexibility. Your shed can be fully lined and insulated if needed, and the correct environment for its function can be set up so that you won't even notice it's an addon.

Concrete Garden Rooms & Offices

Whether you're looking for that perfect garden building you've always dreamed of or simply trying to increase the resale value of your house, a concrete garden room is a fantastic addition to any home with the space for it.

Lidget Compton's garden buildings come in not only a range of attractive colours but a multitude of unique wall finishes, such as textured, stone, or brick.

Pent Roof Concrete Garages

Pent Roof garages are the best value for money option, featuring incredible strength at a fair price. High-quality materials are used, such as concrete reinforced steel, to ensure that the garage meets its 10-year guarantee with ease.

The garage comes with either a stone or brick finish and is available as a shed or workshop.

Pent Mansard Concrete Garages

Mansard roofs look like a tile roof garage but come at an impressively low price tag. With over five colours to choose from (as well as multiple effects for the panels), you'll be able to customise your garage to suit your home's theme. 

As the roof uses one-piece galvanised steel roof sheets, there will be no leaks as there is no need for the roof to have joints, provided it is 6.2m or shorter.

apex garage

Apex 15 Roof Concrete Garages

The main selling point of the apex 15 garage is its 15° roof that features a bold roll tiling effect.

Its kerb appeal is enhanced by its front posts, which use real brick, forming its traditional and attractive appearance.

The bricks come in four options: Buff, Red, Reclaimed, and Anthracite, all of which transforms the front view of the garage.

Apex 20 Roof Concrete Garages

Apex 20 roofs focus on style, functionality and aesthetics.

The 20° pitch roof is lined and traditionally constructed to fit nicely in any garden that needs an upgrade.

The Apex 20 uses strong concrete panels that gives it an impressively long lifespan.

It comes in a choice of six colours, all of which are likely to blend nicely with your current roof.

Apex 90 Roof Concrete Garages

The Apex 90 is the ultimate appearance-focused roof. The 90° pitch roof has been specially designed to fit in with most properties without compromise. It features white PVCu vergeboards and fascias (using factory treated timber) and white PVCu windows. Additionally, it comes with a vast range of optional extras so you can customise your garage exactly as you need it.

Lean-To Sectional Concrete Garages

If you would like to install a garage but don't have enough space for a regular, free-standing one, a lean-to garage is a perfect choice.

The garage acts as a typical garage extension and comes in the following building shapes:

- Apex

- Apex 15

- Apex 20

- Pent

- Pent Mansard

Lean-To Sectional Concrete Garages

The idea behind Lidget Compton Lean-to garages is that there is something for everyone when it comes to complementing your house. For example, you could have a mansard roof if you're going for a specific look, a flat roof as an economy option, or an apex roof if you're looking for something completely different.

Concrete Battery Garages

Lidget Compton offers a range of high-quality battery garages based on their standard pent garage. Battery garages can be an attractive option if you require a lot of space as you can have multiple units installed alongside each other.

The garages come in a variety of heights, widths and shapes, and roller-shutter doors are included for additional security.

Back to front draining, stepped garages, L-shaped buildings and back to back garages can all be supplied to fit your area requirements.

Highliner Concrete Garages

If you're looking to house a tall vehicle or need a lot of space for supplies and materials, a Highliner concrete garage is likely to be your best option.

One of the major benefits of a Highliner garage is its customisability. If appearance is important to you, specially picked materials can be used.

If any extra doors or windows are required, they can easily be added to the installation. If you need additional building height to accommodate a large van, taller walls can be installed. 

Double Garages

Double garages grant a vast amount of space and offer numerous excellent benefits. You can store two cars in a double garage or one with a significant boost in free space to a regular garage. The extra space can be used as an office, gym or storage for large and long objects like mattresses and ladders.

Sectional Double Garages

Lidget Compton double garages can be installed with any of the company's roofs, such as the Pent Mansard or a high-tier roof from the Apex range.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between two small doors or a large single one. 

Deluxe Concrete Garages

The deluxe range of garages removes the guesswork from working out everything required for your perfect garage. As long as you have a style and style in mind, the rest is comfortably out of your hands.

The garages are maintenance-free, so you won't have to worry about anything breaking down or degrading by not attending to yours. As for the versions available, you can choose between a Decograin wood effect, White PVCu, and anthracite.

By purchasing a luxury garage, you will significantly improve the value of your home, increasing its resale value if you ever were to move out. Studies have shown that a garage can increase a home's value by up to £11,000, so you would certainly be offsetting a lot of the initial cost.

If you're looking for sectional garages around the Swansea area, then you've come to the right place. We provide a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, and we have years of experience in the industry.